November 03, 2012 I was looking to get some information on some older and antique weapons I have had and possibly trade them for some newer weapons for home defense. After a quick phone call on a Saturday morning to Jerry, he said I could bring them in for a free appraisal however he said he may be busy and I may have to wait a while. I agreed and took the half hour drive to Rochester and see what Jerry could do for me. Upon arriving I was surprised to see his parking lot full with one remaining spot to park. When entering the store, I saw that indeed, it was a busy place! I did not have to wait long to meet with Jerry to have my guns appraised. He took his time and explained everything to me in detail. Having an emotional attachment to my guns, I had him show me some AR15’s and Tactical Shotguns. He spent quite a while showing me his stock and explaining the nuances off each gun I showed interest in. After about an hour and a half Jerry had me walking out the door with a new Remington Shotgun and a DPMS AR15 plus a bag full of ammo a case and several magazines. He made me feel at ease and I was very pleased with the experience. Jerry and his staff are Top Notch!
— Paul F.
March 29, 2012 I have ordered a stag arms ar-15 from these guys as well as purchased a smith and wesson m&p 340 from stock. They have always been top notch and taken good care of me, making sure I was set and understood everything before I left. I will be acquiring another handgun from them soon and looking forward to it. Fair prices and good service.
— Siguser
December 22, 2010 These guy were very knowledgeable about guns and helped me find the perfect one. I don’t think I would have received the same expertise anywhere else in the state.
— Ryan M.